An ECIS primer in how to identify unlawful public procurement of IT-related products and services and what to do about them. This was written in 2010, so please note the names at the end are now out of date Public Procurement Primer (1)

Maurits Dolmans, “European Interoperability Framework v2.0 Open standards to promote software interoperability”, ECIS Breakfast Briefing – September 7, 2010: describing the importance of interoperability in an increasingly networked world, and discussion of various ways and means to achieve interoperability in the context of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF), proposing a synthesis for EIF, providing for FRAND licensing for telecom interoperability and RF licensing for software interoperability standards. Read more.

Advocating for openness and interoperabilityThomas Vinje, Clifford Chance LLP, Councel to ECIS, Geneva, 26 January 2010. Read More

“Practicing Open Procurement  of IT,” presentation by Thomas Vinje from June 2010. SEE MORE in Power Point or in OpenOffice.org Impress

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ECIS position paper on post-i2010 public consultation (1) ECIS comments on guidelines for co-operation between competitors, known as the revised competition rules on horizontal co-operation agreements, often referred to as the horizontal guidelines. Our comments were among those considered by the Commission before it finally issued them in December, 2010. The guidelines may be found here. The press release announcing the guidelines is here, and questions and answers about the guidelines here. ECIS Comments on Draft Horizontal Guidelines

“Competition in Office Suite Programs”, by Mark MacCarthy of Georgetown University, arguing that governments should adopt a procurement policy for a single standard for office suite programs to promote competition. Read the article. (PDF)

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Maurits Dolmans, “The telecom standards experience shows the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) for software is right”, ECIS presentation, December 10, 2008: describing the role of patents in standard setting and the risk of hold-up and royalty stacks, proposing a definition of FRAND in that context, and an alternative for software interoperability standards. Read more. ECIS’ comments in reply to the public consultation on the revised rules for the assessment of horizontal cooperation agreements under EU law, Brussels, 29 June 2010. Read more.


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