ECIS statement on the examination procedure re recognition of ICT specifications developed by industry fora and consortia

On June 1 2011, the European Commission proposed a Regulation on European Standardisation, according to which ICT technical specifications developed by industry fora and consortia such as W3C, Oasis and IETF may be recognised in the EU, and be referenced in public procurement procedures.

The decision for the recognition of such ICT technical specifications will be taken by the Commission with the assistance of a European Multi-Stakeholder Platform already established in November 2011. The European Multi-Stakeholder Platform will have an advisory role to the Commission to assist the later with its decision on the recognition of ICT specifications. The Commission has aimed at keeping the decision-making process as simple as possible.

ECIS however understands that the Council considers amending the Commission’s proposal to provide for a requirement for the Commission to follow the comitology procedure when deciding on this issue. Moreover, the Council believes that the examination procedure provided by Regulation No 182/2011  is the appropriate procedure to be followed by the Commission to exercise its implementing powers. According to that procedure, a comitology committee – a committee comprising of Member States representatives – will consider the Commission’s draft decision and will have the right to veto the adoption of that decision. On the contrary, should the less complex advisory procedure be followed, the Commission would only need to reach out to the comitology committee for their non-binding advice before the adoption of its decision.

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