ECIS Symposium on the SAS v WPL Copyright case

On 1 December ECIS celebrated its birthday with a seminar on a key copyright case to be decided by the European Union’s highest court, the Court of Justice.  The seminar was held two days after an Advocate General’s opinion was released on the case, SAS vs. WPL, C-406/10.  Below please find a complete audio presentation, […]

ECIS Statement on EIF v 2.0

ECIS calls for end to the frustration of interoperability by those who are lobbying for a version of EIF that is less favourable to openness and interoperability than EIF version 1. Read more here. Read the EIF here.

ECIS asks others join with Europe to offer browser choice

ECIS calls on competition agencies around the world to give their consumers the benefit of browser choice, which will spur competition and improve the Web experience for all. A statement made on behalf of ECIS is available here.

Europe 2020

ECIS sends open letter to the European Commission regarding the Europe 2020 communication. The open letter is available here.

ECIS welcomes today’s decision by the European Commission to approve the browser settlement

ECIS Chairman Simon Awde in his open letter to Commissioner Kroes thanks the Commission for the results that they have obtained in the Microsoft case. The open letter is available here. A statement made on behalf of ECIS can be found here.