Video: Bringing the Cloud down to Earth

Bringing the Cloud down to Earth

ECIS symposium 24 April 2013
Sofitel Europe, Place Jourdan 1, Brussels

The European Committee for Interoperable Systems sponsored a symposium to look at some of the pressing issues of inter-operability for the collection of technologies called the cloud.

The videos below feature a keynote speech by Michail Bletsas, director of computing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (“MIT”) Media Lab, who explains how the cloud hides that complexity.

Before he talks, others consider where and when government should step in to regulate the cloud, in order to make sure that there is real competition. For example, should government help make sure consumers and businesses can easily move their data from one cloud to another?

After the Bletsas speech, two lawyers in private practice talk with him about his views, and look at some of the dangers of security.

We begin with an 11-minute summary video:

Thomas Vinje, the counsel and spokesman for ECIS, welcomes people to the symposium:

Ken Ducatel, head of unit for software and services at the European Commission’s Directorate-General Connect, talks about issues government faces in dealing with the Cloud:

Katarina de Brisis, Norway’s deputy director for the Ministry of Government Administration and Reform, with responsibility for the cloud, talks about that government’s approach to handling cloud issues:

Linsey McCallum, who deals with high tech issues at the European Commission for the Competition Directorate-General, as acting director in the unit handling information, communication and media, looks at the way competition law is likely to apply for cloud issues. She notes that these are “early days” in this area:

The panel of McCallum, de Brisis, and Ducatel take questions in a discussion moderated by Martin Porter, managing director for Edelman at The Centre in Brussels:

Michail Bletsas keynote speech, including slides, helps explain how the Web works:

David Lawsky, senior adviser to ECIS, introduces Bletsas. In the event this preceded the Bletsas speech:

Andrew Updegrove. a founding partner of the law firm Gesmer Updegrove LLP, in Boston, reacts to the Bletsas speech. He also raises novel questions about the dangers for society posed by war should server farms be attacked:

Thomas Vinje, chief counsel to ECIS, talks about the application of competition law to issues surrounding the cloud: