ECIS Media Release – Day 3 of the Microsoft Oral Hearing in Luxembourg

The European Court of First Instance Hearing on Microsoft’s appeal of the European Commission’s March 2004 Decision continued this morning. ECIS is an Intervener in these proceedings and is giving evidence in support of the Commission’s Decision.

This morning the Court heard Microsoft’s argument for why the Commission Decision ordering the supply of interoperability information to work group server competitors should be annulled. Microsoft’s presentation purported to show that there is no interoperability problem.
Statement by Thomas Vinje
Legal Counsel, ECIS

“This morning’s Microsoft presentation confirms the March 2004 conclusions of the Commission. Microsoft determines if and how computer server systems will interoperate with Microsoft’s desktop monopoly.
“So long as it is in Microsoft’s business interest, it will provide necessary interoperability information. When it is no longer in Microsoft’s business interest, it ceases to supply this information, interoperability is compromised, and market choice is restricted.”