ECIS advocates a balanced European patent system that promotes interoperability

The European Committee for Interoperable Systems (ECIS) has filed comments on the Commission’s consultation on future patent policy in Europe.

In its submission, ECIS advocates a patent policy that is based on the fostering of competition and innovation for the benefit of consumers, accomplished by ensuring appropriate standards of patentability and examination, as well as by appreciating the important role played by interoperability.

ECIS also urged the Commission to ensure adequate safeguards against misuse of the patent system. The greatest threat to an effective and credible patent system that serves all interests is the use of the patent system in a manner that subverts it, for example, by allowing entities to accumulate patents for the mere purpose of extricating royalties by threatening to stop the commercialisation of a product utilising the patent, without the entities implementing the patented
technologies themselves, by using patents to prevent interoperability with dominant products or platforms, or by late disclosure of standards-related patents.